The Ultra Compact IXUS | Best Low Budget Digital Camera

IXUS is the series of Canon ultra-compact cameras that don’t come small in features, functions, and picture quality. Best low budget digital camera for people who’d like to be ready to take photos during travel, get-togethers, and other daily activities. IXUS answers the digital imaging needs of people who are always on the go and who’d always want to travel light.

One of the favorites in this line of devices is the IXUS. Like the other IXUS models, the IXUS can fit your petite evening bag or your shirt pocket very easily. It also comes in a selection of trendy colors – blue, green, pink, purple and silver. But there’s more to it than its looks. The image quality of the photos that it produces never fails to satisfy its user.

HS means “high speed.” All Canon cameras with the HS suffix are powered by the brand’s HS system that provides you with great photos even in settings with not-so-good lighting. It is definitely a camera that works fast. Users claim that it only takes them less than 3 seconds to press the power button, wait for the camera to focus, and take a photo. Other cameras of the same caliber generally take up to 4 seconds.

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It has a resolution of only 12.1 megapixels, which is lower than those of most same-sized cameras today – 16. 1 megapixels. However, it comes with high sensitivity CMOS sensor and DIGIC IV processor that make this camera’s photos of excellent quality. This resolution, sensor and processor combination eliminates the noise in every image taken.

The IXUS is a first-rate compact digital camera also a best low budget digital camera, but it also has a video function which can record vivid images in motion. It’s 1080p full HD video makes it an irresistible pick for those who’d want a high-quality camera that’s never a problem to bring along.

When looking at Canon cameras, you should check the IXUS  if you want a very handy camera that shoots excellent photos at top speed.

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